Customer stories


Delhaize is the first retailer in Belgium that equips his trailers with CryoTechcooling unitscontributing to a quiet and green urban distribution. These cooling units only consume 25% of the total energyof a domestic refrigerator of the same size and produce 75% less emissions. This way Gradiushelps target Delhaize to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 by 20% as compared to 2008. In November 2014, Gradiushas installed 15 CT-units on ten normal Delhaize trailerswith a length of 13.6 metersand on five city trailers with a length of 10.5 meters.


Gradius equips 69 trucks with a Thermo King cooling unit and IFAC isothermal boxes for Colruyt Group's subsidiary Solucious. Each truck is equipped with three controlled temperature zones and a fourth one for the empties. The Thermo King T-1000 R 50 cooling unit is designed to reduce noise and emissions while maximizing performance and to meet the grueling demands of multi temperature distribution. Moreover Gradius equipped the trucks with a track & trace system and a tail lift. And Gradius will also take care of the maintenance of the cooling units for the next nine years.