Innovative solutions to improve performance

Our business doesn’t stop with providing top-of-the-line transport temperature control equipment; we also offer solutions that will help you get the very most from your fleet, ensuring maximum return from every journey. Thermo King offers a wide range of innovative telematic and accessory solutions to help you reduce costs, increase performance and improve fleet management.

Genuine Thermo King options are:

  • Designed specifically to work with Thermo King units
  • Customized to your application requirements
  • Engineered for top performance and superior reliability

Climador is a helpful addition to any busy workshop as it is ready to use with no mixing necessary and provides results in minutes. The non corrosive formula easily removes grease and mould resulting in improved hygiene for food transportation. Clean coils ensure increased cooling or heating capacity and therefore energy cost reduction in both internal and external applications. The formula leaves no residue and is biodegrable protecting both coils and the environment.

Key Features

  • Spray and Go! - Less than 5 minutes to apply 15 minutes to see results
  • Prevents development of bacteria and mould
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • Odourless - non toxic - non corrosive
  • No residue - biodegradable
  • Safe to handle - No mixing of chemicals required

Energy Battery

Start right every time

The Thermo King battery is exclusively designed for application on over-the-road transport temperature control units. It incorporates the latest calcium technology with extra deep cycling capacity for greater energy reserve, increased lifecycle and reduced maintenance cost.

Key Features

  • Reliable power and energy when needed
  • Safe, fully sealed and environmentally protected against all weather conditions
  • Cold cranking amps ENCCA - 760 A (trailer battery)/640 A (truck battery)
  • C20 Capacity (A-hrs) - 92 Ah (trailer battery)/75 Ah (truck battery)

EON Battery

More power and a longer service life

The EON battery uses Absorbed Glass Mat technology to offer, in one box, the characteristics of two separate batteries. It can deep cycle as well as provide enormous cranking power in one durable package. With improved vibration resistance it also withstands freezing temperatures and extreme heat.

Key Features

  • Reliable power and energy when needed
  • Safe, fully sealed and environmentally protected against all weather conditions
  • 2 years warranty
  • Up to five times the life of a wet cell battery
  • Cold cranking amps ENCCA - 880 A

Remote Status Light and Combination Displays

Keep in control while on the move

Thermo King’s new remote Status Light and Combination Displays are designed to increase driver awareness, enabling early corrective action and reducing the risk of load loss and costly call-out service. Four models are available, allowing drivers to monitor unit operation status, fuel level and load temperature individually or all in one. The stand alone Temperature Combo and status unit can operate on non SR2/3 units.

Key Features

  • Designed with driver safety and comfort in mind
  • 3-in-1 display - unit status, box temperature and fuel level monitored from driver’s seat
  • Clear visibility day and night with auto dimming, making it easy for drivers to read
  • 3 temperature zones displayed for multitemperature units
  • CE approved and tested in extreme temperature environments
  • Fuel combo display is compatible with Thermo King and other fuel tanks when used with Thermo King’s range of electronic fuel gauges
  • Temperature Combo can work independent of the SR2/3 controller with 12V power supply

Evaporator Guards S2 & S3

Maximum protection during loading and unloading

Evaporators are crucial when it comes to safeguarding your cargo. During loading and unloading, however, they are susceptible to damage from forklift trucks, pallets, crates, bins, boxes and other cargo.

Key Features

  • Full protection from exterior damage
  • Exceptional durability
  • Available for all multi-temp truck and trailer models
  • User friendly installation
  • Quick access for evaporator maintenance
  • Four mounting plates for secure fastening
  • Installation components included in the kit

Controller Options

SR-2 Extension

The SR-2 extension permits repositioning of the SR-2 control panel close to the operator on high trailers and rail or intermodal applications. Drop down HMI for SR-2 Controller for both SL and SLX with Steel Control box – customised solution to enable easy and safe access to the HMI.

SR-2 Rear Remote Control

The SR-2 rear remote control allows control of the refrigeration unit from inside the rear of the trailer. This application is particularly suitable for large logistic depots, enabling energy efficient and safe loading.

SafeGuard Battery Kit

Maximize your time on the road

Prevent battery drainage with the SafeGuard Battery Kit.

Thermo King’s SafeGuard Battery Kit monitors battery voltage when the unit is turned off and automatically disconnects your battery at low voltage. This prevents auxiliary devices or other accessories from draining your battery. The SafeGuard Battery Kit protects your unit so that you will not have the inconvenience of downtime as a result of a dead battery. The SafeGuard Battery Kit is now available in a 12V and 24V option for trailer, Cryo and other 24V applications.

Key Features

  • Extends battery life
  • 2 years warranty
  • Available in 12V and 24V options
  • Maintenance free
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Resistant to vibration
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Prevents service call-out, lost down-time and battery replacement
  • Prevents issues before they become a problem
  • Maximises your time on the road

Hose Management Kit

for New Truck Platform

Protects your electric harness and fuel line hoses against everyday hazard’s giving an esthetically pleasing installation to complement your unit.

Key Features

  • Protect Fuel line from element
  • Protect electrical harness from damage
  • Individual routing
  • Easy servicing

Hose Cover

for Direct Drive Units

Protection against all climate adversities

Full protection of hoses and cables on the road under and full resistance under worst climate conditions Designed with best aesthetics to promote brand image.

Key Features

  • Full protection against exterior damage
  • Exceptional durability
  • User friendly installation
  • Only for Box Installations (No vans)

Snow Kit

Thermo King Snow Covers are designed to protect your unit against extreme climate conditions. The Aerodynamically design snow cover prevents the build up of snow and ice on the units fans which can lead to downtime and further maintenance costs resulting in longer running times for your unit.

Key Features

  • Protection of condenser unit against snow & ice.
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Reduce customer downtimes and costs
  • Easy installation
  • Allow quick access for Maintenance

Snow Kit for SLX

Thermo King snow covers are designed to protect your unit against extreme climate conditions. The snow cover, specifically designed for SLX, prevents the build-up of snow and ice on the unit’s blowers and pulleys which could otherwise lead to downtime and further maintenance costs, resulting in longer running times for your unit.

Key Features

  • Protect Refrigeration unit against snow and ice
  • Operates on Continuous and Cycle Sentry
  • Reduce customer downtimes and costs
  • Easy installation
  • Allow quick access for maintenance

Muffler Kit

Thermo King Muffler eliminates the vibration and noise in the interior cab of small vehicles. The muffler is attached to the refrigeration system thus eliminating the vibration transfer from the unit to the driver cab enhancing user comfort and ease of use.

Key Features

  • Eliminate vibration in driver cab
  • Designed with driver safety and comfort in mind
  • Maximize driver time on the road
  • Easy to install

Top Grill

Top Grill is designed to protect your unit from the rigors of transport refrigeration. This easy to install, durable steel grill ensures a longer life for your unit by guarding it against debris and other foreign matter entering the system.

Tail Lift Charger

Longer lifespan – Lower fuel consumption

The Thermo King Tail Lift Charger is an independent unit that charges the batteries (2 X 12V in series) on the tail lift of a trailer unit, using the reefer units’ alternator.

The independent charger converts a 12V supply to 24V - needed for tail lift electric motor models.

The unit has been designed to give priority to the reefer unit, and is independent of the pulley drive systems. Lower power = lower fuel consumption. The Tail Lift Charger will only function when the reefer unit is in operation, ensuring the protection of your reefer battery.

Key Features

  • Power for tail lift batteries from reefer unit
  • Power for internal lighting through tail lift
  • Configured with 2 chargers for longer life & lower power consumption
  • A safer and more reliable method of charging than retrofit alternative
  • Quick and easy installation across different models
  • Enclosure box IP rated and vibration resistant
  • Only operates when reefer unit is running

SLXe-300 Ferry protection Bull Bars

Safeguard your unit

SLXe-300 Ferry protection Bull Bars are a vital part of safeguarding your units’ skin covers against direct shocks. During transportation of cargo your unit becomes susceptible to damage from a number of different sources; head on collisions during ferry crossings, low hanging roadside branches or trees, and other obstacles too numerous to mention. The SLXe-300 Ferry protection Bull Bars have been specifically adapted to fit the shape of the unit doors. The state of the art design ensures quick and easy access so that any maintenance can be done with ease, minimising downtime on the road.

Key Features

  • Unit protection from exterior damage
  • Quick installation – no modifications needed to unit
  • Quick & easy access for unit maintenance
  • Robust durability
  • Minimise the downtime that comes with damaged units


One system. Many Benefits

Thermo King’s TracKing Advanced is an innovative, easy to use GPRS/GPS system that gives perishable goods transporters visibility of their assets from their desktops. Having real-time temperature, location and alarms information on their refrigerated fleets increases their operational efficiency and reduces incidences of cargo loss. TracKing allows transporters to guarantee product integrity and on-time delivery to customers.

The TracKing Advanced device offers direct connection to any Thermo King controller and Data Logger allowing access to critical information on the asset and on the load. The intuitive, customisable and multilingual web interface provides operations managers and logistic coordinators visibility and traceability through the cold chain, with dashboards and an extensive set of reports.

Key Features

  • Temperature management
  • Reefer management
  • Vehicle TracKing
  • Fuel reading and extensive reports
  • Data integration

Temperature management

Optimum temperature management to ensure top quality product delivery through:

  • Regular updates (up to every 5 minutes) on unit sensors and logger sensors to compare air temperature versus set point
  • Out of range temperature monitoring with real-time alarm
  • Modifying the temperature settings by remotely changing the set point
  • Selecting the cargo temperature profile via the Optiset Plus file upload

Reefer management

Lower service costs and unit downtime through:

  • Regular updates (up to every 5 minutes) on unit running mode, operating mode, running hours, battery voltage, fuel level, door status
  • Real-time unit shutdown alarm notification via email or SMS
  • Theft prevention with door opening and fuel level decrease alerts
  • Download over the air of your EN12830 data logger to archive your historical temperature data
  • Remote control of the refrigeration unit with 2-way communication:
    • pre-cool multiple units in the yard
    • remotely change the set point and unit modes
    • turn the reefer On or Off

Vehicle TracKing

TracKing offers real-time and historical data on your vehicles positions so you can better manage your fleet and maintain high service levels for your customers.

  • Accurate location of your fleet at all times on a map
  • Increased cargo security through asset visibility at street level
  • Locate Thermo King dealers easily on a map for service support
  • Monitor vehicle routes by replaying journey on a map
  • Dynamic Geofence functionality to monitor entry and exit of a specific area

Fuel reading and extensive reports

TracKing gives you real time visibility of your fleet fuel levels and enables you to calculate your refrigerated unit fuel consumption.

Alongside this feature, TracKing offers a series of standard reports, exportable and schedulable.

Data integration

The TracKing Advanced solution is a flexible system that can easily integrate data into any 3rd party website or back-end system.

Thanks to the web service developed, the data integration via TracKing is straightforward and seamless.


Universal translator for communications

The i-Box accesses Thermo King data for improved communications. It is a protocol interpreter box and connects directly to an open communication port on the Thermo King controller or datalogger.

Key Features

  • Enables third party remote communication
  • Jointly developed with transport industry leaders
  • Robust construction, built to last
  • Connects to any existing Thermo King controllers or dataloggers

Data available through i-Box

  • Reefer data
  • Cargo temperatures (single and multi zone)
  • Shutdown alarms
  • Operating modes
  • Total engine hours
  • Fuel level
  • Battery voltage

For any third party to access Thermo King controllers and datalogger data they have to develop a link to their system by usage of the i-Box and a Software Developers kit.


Fast, easy-to-use Windows™ based reporting utility for Thermo King dataloggers

Key Features

  • Stable performance, easy downloads and fast downloading speeds
  • Fast performance analysis — easily define and search for critical data you need
  • Innovative, easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Automatic, comprehensive management of files
  • Fast, flexible viewing of graph and table reports
  • Quick and convenient setting of trip headers
  • Easy retrieval and setting of data logger parameters
  • Comprehensive trip file import/export capabilities
  • Display of detailed information from each compartment on multi-temperature trailers
  • Downloading of selected dates from TouchPrint and TKDL data loggers

DAS Data Acquisition System

Thermo King’s DAS is a secure, totally independent temperature recorder that keeps a precise record of cargo temperatures from the time the cargo is loaded to final delivery. It includes its own memory and internal real-time clock, and can accommodate up to six independent, directly connected temperature sensors. At the same time, the DAS connects to the refrigeration unit’s controller to provide additional data.

Key Features

  • Provides independent documentation of cargo temperatures during transport
  • Developed and tested to comply with all European temperature recording requirements
  • Compatible with Wintrac and TracKing

USB Datalogger

Humidity, Temperature and Dewpoint Recorder

The USB Datalogger measures and stores up to 16,382 relative humidity and 16,382 temperature readings over 0 to 100%RH and -35° to +80°C measurement ranges. The user can directly plug the module into a PC’s USB port and easily set up (logging rate, start-time,..) and download the stored data via the Windows Control Software. Supplied with a long-life lithium battery (1 Year) and Green and Red LED’s for status indication, this Datalogger is ideal for non required EN 12830 applications (box size below 10 cubic meters).

Key Features

  • USB Interface for Set-up and Data Download
  • User-Programmable Alarm Thresholds for %RH & T
  • Dew point indication via Control Software (Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista)

TouchPrint Printer

High Performance Printer

The new CargoPrint printer from Thermo King offers you the perfect way to provide up to the minute details of the quality of goods upon delivery. This ensures that all goods have been transported in perfect controlled temperature conditions. The CargoPrint has been specifically developed to connect to any DAS or CargoWatch datalogger, allowing to align the printed information to the reefer running operations. The delivery or journey ticket (tabular or graph) will henceforth display the start date & time of the journey, the date & time stamp for printing, the unit set point and the data logger sensor temperature readings. The CargoPrint can receive and print up to 6 temperature sensors readings. Its Built in Memory enables quick reprints as well as printing previous trips. The Printer has been designed to be easily mounted on trailer bodies together with Thermo King SL or SLX units and with his enclosure is IP 65 certified.

Key Features

  • High speed printing
  • On/off switch to reduce battery usage
  • Ability to operate in extreme weather conditions, -30˚C to + 55˚C

TouchPrint datalogger

Temperature data capture and printing for all refrigerated vehicles

Thermo King’s TouchPrint data logger is compact, easy to use, flexible to download and quick to generate printouts. The TouchPrint is an innovative data logger with advanced features to respond to multiple needs. The main focus is on accurate readings, flexible export options and an intuitive interface.

In terms of certification, this temperature recorder fulfills all the food transport standards: EN 12830, E type approval and WELMEC 7.2. This product is very modular as it can be inserted into a standard radio DIN slot, fitted within an IP 65 box for external mount or placed on a dashboard given its light and compact size.

Equipped with its own sensors, this temperature monitoring device is suitable for use with all makes of temperature controlled equipment.

Key Features

  • Capacitive touch-screen for quick, icon-based navigation
  • Mini USB port to export tickets soft copy (.pdf & .txt)
  • High speed Thermal printer for tabular and graph printout
  • Large flash memory to hold min. 1 year of data
  • Up to 3 serial communication ports (RS232 /RS485) for connection to a:
    • Thermo King unit controller for reefer set-point
    • Telematics geo-location system

Laser Thermometer

Measure temperature from a distance

Useful non-contact, handheld laser thermometer device used to measure transported goods temperature at a distance.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Laser sighting
  • °C or °F selectable
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Auto switch off

Cable Thermometer

Portable pallet level thermometer with extension cable

Ideal for quality control during loading and unloading of goods. The durable design ensures impact resistancy in busy logistic environments.

Key Features

  • Range -50°C to 150°C
  • Resolution 0.1°C
  • Accuracy +/-0.3°C

Door Switch

Economy, security and noise reduction for delivery operations

This low profile, durable switch automatically turns off the refrigeration unit when the door is opened and restarts when the door is closed.

Key Features

  • Reduced run time: less maintenance & lower fuel consumption
  • Less heat gain into the load at delivery: improved temperature control
  • Greater security: door opening events can be logged or trigger an alarm
  • Greater safety: automatically turn interior trailer lights on and off as they are needed
  • Zero refrigeration unit noise during delivery

AIA Temperature Sensor

Economy, security and noise reduction for delivery operations

The AIA-Accurate Internal Air Sensor measures the internal air for climate control systems. Efficient, reliable and high performance temperature control requires impeccable accuracy. This temperature sensor measures real internal air temperature without the influence of internal surface temperature, providing optimum load protection. Compared to traditional wall mounted sensors the difference in measured temperature is up to 7°C.

Key Features

  • No influence from internal surface temperature
  • Stainless steel plate installed in the trailer body
  • Mounted onto a flexible rubber tube for easy bending

Energy Curtain

The energy curtain ensures that produce is delivered in optimum condition by minimising exposure to outside ambient temperature. The curtain is a cost effective and energy saving solution and can be customised to any truck size.

Key Features

  • Reduces the time that the interior is exposed to ambient temperature by 90 - 95%
  • Reduces fuel consumption by as much as 4-7 litres a day
  • Cost of the curtain is won back over a period of approximately 2 years

Top Freeze Protect

DAC (Discharge air control) Kit

Key Features

  • Control’s Discharge air but note no control of return air
  • Reduces risk of fresh products being damaged by frost
  • Supplied in a kit ready to install
  • Better product Quality

Fuel Filtration and Priming System

Increase uptime and reduce call out costs

The 3-in-1 fuel filtration and priming system comprises:

  • Fuel filter
  • Water separator
  • Priming pump

It operates by removing foreign particles and water from all types of fuel to ensure that the unit operates on full capacity enabling efficient fuel consumption. In addition the system can be easily primed by the driver.

Key Features

  • Removes contaminants from fuel
  • Rugged priming pump for on the spot fast system priming
  • Replaceable water separator prevents water from entering the fuel system
  • Reduces running costs and increases engine life
  • Easy to retrofit for all truck and trailer applications

Fuel Storage

Keep running for longer

The Thermo King fuel tank is an essential component of a total fuel management system. When integrated with Thermo King’s fuel level sensors, fuel level displays and anti-siphon devices you can manage and secure your fuel consumption and costs more efficiently.

Thermo King offers a 190 litre steel fuel tank or a 230 litre polyethylene tank depending on your requirements. The impact and corrosion resistant polyethylene fuel tank with 230 litre capacity is safe, light and easy to install. The high capacity ensures less fuel stops and increased uptime to keep you running for longer.

Start protecting your fuel investment today with Thermo King anti-siphon device

Electronic Fuel Capture

Thermo King’s fuel level sensors are compatible with the Thermo King polyethylene and steel fuel tanks and also other competitive fuel tanks. They enable fuel level information to be visualised by remote display, stored in the memory of the Thermo King datalogger or used for online fuel level monitoring by Thermo King’s telematics solution TracKing.

90L Polyethylene Fuel Tank

Keep running longer

For any customer, keeping fuel costs down and staying within fuel capacities specific to different regions are today’s biggest challenges. Thermo King now offers a 90 litre plastic fuel tank option that will cater for countries with two fuel taxes and those countries that have tight regulation on fuel volumes. The Thermo King polyethylene fuel tank is an essential component of a total fuel management system. When integrated with Thermo King’s fuel level sensors and optional lockable caps, it enables you to manage and secure your fuel consumption and costs more efficiently. The additional on-truck capacity provided by the Thermo King polyethylene fuel tank cuts running costs and reduces the impact of fuel restrictions in your region. The impact and corrosion-resistant fuel tank with 90 litre capacity is safe, light and easy to install.

Key Features

  • Approved for diesel and bio-diesel
  • Vibration resistant as per Thermo King standards
  • Mechanical fuel gauge with option to upgrade to electrical
  • Galvanised drain plug as standard
  • Quicker installation with quick fuel line connections
  • A lighter tank (12 kg)
  • Corrosion resistant installation kit (e-coated)

Fuel Tank Cleaning Unit

Cleaner fuel means lower costs and less engine wear

The fuel tank cleaning unit is a mobile unit ideal for on-site cleaning of any diesel fuel tanks, including tractors, refrigeration units and other applications. It gives dealers the opportunity to offer an additional service to their customers by treating and removing potentially damaging contaminants from their fuel tanks. The unit quickly and efficiently removes all water and particles from the fuel tank. Combined with the Thermo King fuel filter range the fuel tank cleaning unit continues our mission towards reducing fuel inconsistency issues in the field.

Key Features

  • Mobile unit that delivers fast on-site fuel cleaning
  • Protects engines from failure and unscheduled shutdowns due to contaminated fuel
  • Removes water & particle content in diesel fuels
  • Eliminates cost of replacement fuel
  • Can be offered as a service to Thermo King customers

Aluminium Fuel Tank

Thermo King’s new aluminium diesel fuel tanks are purposelydesigned for Thermo King refrigeration systems. They are exceptionally robust, light-weight and have additional corrosion resistance associated with aluminium.

Ideal for the most extreme environments, they are configured to integrate seamlessly with Thermo King’s fuel tank accessories for added security and fuel level monitoring. The new tank has been ergonomically designed to facilitate easier accessibility to reduce installation times.

Aluminium has been chosen for its low weight, exceptional strength and durability. The tanks are available in 100 and 190 litre sizes, the smaller tank being ideal where fuel volumes are subject to limitations due to local regulations.

Key Features

  • 50% weight saving on tank
  • TUV approved
  • Bio diesel (B7) approved
  • Easy & faster installation
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Sump-less design for maximum clearance
  • Mechanical fuel gauge as standard
  • Easy upgrade to electronic monitoring
  • Extra security options available

ColdCube Containers

Flexible, portable cooling and freezing for a variety of applications

Flexible Cooling

  • Powerful cooling (20°C to 0°C) and freezing options (20°C to -21°C)
  • Easily moved from one application to another
  • Runs on 12/24V DC or 110-240V AC*
  • Maintains consistent temperature
  • Digital controller for efficient operation
  • Integrated battery disconnect to prevent dead battery

Visible User Interface

  • View current temperature and status without opening the container
  • Digital readout for precise temperature set-point control

Constructed for Durability

  • Made of tough molded polyethylene
  • Rotationally-molded, single-piece construction for durability and light weight
  • Components designed and tested for use in mobile applications
  • Constructed of food-grade materials for easy cleaning
  • Convenient portability with integrated handles and transport accessory kits

Variety of Units

  • Six different options available to fit your business needs

Potential Applications

  • Small vehicles for businesses with limited capacity requirements for cooling and freezing
  • Rental unit to be used during service events
  • Load optimisation in larger vans and full size Trailers

Wide range of accessories available to cater for different applications.

ColdCube Pharma Containers

Reliable, portable cooling and heating for pharmaceutical transport

Flexible Cooling & Heating

  • Powerful cooling, freezing & heating functionality (30°C to -21°C)
  • Automatic cooling/heating operation, with efficient internal ventilation
  • Maintains consistent temperature with smooth air flow distribution evenly throughout the cargo (operates at +/- 2°C)
  • Cycle-Sentry operation for easy operation
  • Maintains consistent temperature with smooth air flow distribution
  • Integrated battery disconnect to prevent dead battery

Visible User Interface

  • View current temperature and status without opening the container
  • Digital readout for precise temperature set-point control
  • Optional integrated telematics solutions for fleet management & traceability

Constructed for Durability

  • Made of tough molded polyethylene
  • Rotationally-molded, single-piece construction for durability and light weight
  • Components designed and tested for use in mobile applications
  • Constructed of pharma-safe material for easy cleaning
  • Convenient portability with integrated handles and transport accessory kits
  • Lockable & door opening logged via telematics options

Variety of Units

  • Six different options available to fit your business needs

Potential Applications

  • Safe transport of biomedical products, like vaccines, blood bags and blood tubes, biological samples, in the most demanding environmental conditions
  • Ideal for distribution hub centers to pharmacies/wholesalers direct to patients
  • Rental & leasing options during peak distribution periods
  • Smaller load refrigeration optimisation in vans with non-refrigerated products

Wide range of accessories available to cater for different applications.