The optimum environmental solution

Today's producers, retailers, consumers and legislators rightly demand the highest standards of product quality. However, they also require that their refrigerated transport operation have the lowest possible impact on the environment. We can no longer continue to depend on fossil fuels and fluorinated refrigerants. Cooling units must be extremely quiet to operate in noise sensitive areas, round the clock, and they must meet increasingly stringent emissions standards to protect the quality of the air we breathe.

Thermo King's breakthrough CryoTech refrigeration technology can now provide a no-compromise solution using a recycled natural refrigerant in a simple, robust system to eliminate both noise and emissions, while at the same time enabling the fastest pull-down on the market and the most accurate temperature control due to the all-new SR-3 CryoTech controller.

CryoTech units are available for single and multi temperature applications. Discover the range.

Available models:

  • CT-10 Truck
  • CT-10 Spectrum Truck
  • CT-15 Trailer
  • CT-15 Spectrum Trailer