Small Truck

Vehicle-Powered Truck Refrigeration Systems

The Thermo King V-Series offers a range of highly flexible and most reliable solutions for vans and trucks, all powered by a road compressor and an electric power supply. These superior temperature control units guarantee great efficiency and maximum load protection combined with advanced features, such as the user-friendly Direct Smart Reefer.

This range also offers customers flexibility to choose units with heating capabilities, electric stand-by and multi-temperature options.

Gradius can als provide you with a more customized cooling solution including isolating the cargo area.


  • B-100
  • V-100
  • V-100-MAX
  • V-200
  • V-200-MAX
  • V-200-MAX Spectrum
  • V-300
  • V-300-MAX
  • V-300-MAX Spectrum
  • V-500
  • V-500-MAX
  • V-500-MAX Spectrum
  • V-600-MAX
  • V-800
  • V-800-MAX
  • V-800-MAX Spectrum